• About

    Boost Learning Lab was created out of a need for a small, intimate learning and development network in New York City. Our team is passionate about wanting to help make online and in person training more engaging and a better overall experience for the learner.


    We have experience working with organizations from big universities, K-12 schools, Not-for-profit and Non-profit organizations to businesses big and small.

  • Boost Your Company's Learning

    We design and make everything ourselves, with your help.


    We help to identify the target audience, their existing knowledge and skills set along with the instructional problems, objectives, and the learning environment.


    Determine all goals, tools used to gauge performance such as exercises, tests, lesson planning, subject matter analysis and


    With your help we will assemble and create content assets based off of the design blueprints. Once completed the product is tested and revised as necessary.


    Implementation consists of two phases: training both the facilitators and the learners. Training the facilitators focuses around the course curriculum, learning outcomes, delivery and testing procedures. Learner training consists of new software, hardware and registration.


    The evaluation process is a constant throughout our method through formative assessment where we get feedback during the development. We also conduct a summative evaluation once learners have completed the programs or products.

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